As each Faction has its own characteristics, we’ll be sharing with you some ideas and inspiration on how to dress according to the theme of your Faction below.

IMPORTANT: As Zedtown is held in a public space, kindly ensure that you do not dress in a way that would alarm other members of the public—no full tactical outfits, paintball masks, full-camo or all-in-black outfits.


Across Singapore, flesh-eating Zombies are devouring ordinary citizens like lunchtime $3 cai fan in a CBD food court. As a Survivor, the last thing you want is to be on their menu. Teamwork is key, so you’ll have three Factions to choose from, each with a different colour, skillset and objectives—Red Faction (Security), Gold Faction (Medical) and Blue Faction (Logistics).


Red Faction:
Zone Security

The security detail of the Quarantine Zone is led by Encik Edmund, a hardened ex-warrant officer from the Singapore Army. He’s brash, bold and has been bitten by a Zombie himself. A fever has begun to take hold and he is becoming particularly deranged. The Red Faction has gone somewhat feral and that is not ideal news for the rest of the Survivors considering they possess the most guns in the game.

Dress theme inspiration: Mad Max, Sons of Anarchy, Borderlands


Gold Faction:
Zone Medical

As the Chief Medical Officer of the Quarantine Zone, Dr. Donella is a woman with a mission. With the help of her team, she has detained Patient Zero in an isolation tent within a neighbourhood polyclinic at great personal risk and defiance of zone safety regulations. If the Gold Faction is able to secure the time and resources she needs, a cure to the virus can be synthesised to save Singapore.

Dress theme inspiration: Breaking Bad, Back To The Future, Doctor Who


Blue Faction:
Zone Logistics

Under the leadership of the deviant politician, Sergeant Samuel, the bureaucratic yet separatist Blue Faction is orchestrating an information war against the government. The breach of the Quarantine Zone reeks of another cover-up, and Samuel’s team will do more than just Meet-The-People sessions to uncover and broadcast the truth.

Dress inspiration: Hunger Games, Logan’s Run, The Expanse


Every player in Zedtown begins the game with membership to a specific faction. Each faction is a tribe, community all rolled into one.

Faction sigil artwork by: Matt Roden


If you’ve decided to be a Zombie-only player, get yourself transformed into a fully-fledged undead by professional make-up artists before the game begins. Naturally, Zombie-only players do not belong to any Faction.


As we share our space with lots of bystanders please don’t dress in a way that would intimidate passersby – no full tactical outfits, no paintball masks, no full-camo or all-in-black outfits.